pros and cons of freelancing

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

In this post, I discuss the pros and cons of freelancing according to my experience. I believe every freelancer has a unique story. Some people started freelancing because they wanted to move out of the 9 – 5 traditional jobs. For others, they’d lost their jobs. Others started freelancing because they wanted to make an […]


9 Interview Questions Every Freelancer Should Know

Are you new to freelancing and looking forward to your first online job interview? A freelance job interview is a bit different from an employee-based interview because freelancers ultimately sell their services, not their experience. Because of this difference, the job interview questions will heavily focus on the quality of work and the ability to […]

win more jobs

How to Win More Freelance Jobs on Freelance Sites

From my own experience, getting new clients is still the hardest part of any freelance business. Especially if you depend on freelance sites for jobs. One of the mega reasons is the ever increasing competition. Thousands of freelancers across the world, especially in the third world countries are also willing to work for pennies. That […]

freelancer review Review : Payment Plans, Pros and Cons

Freelancer is the biggest and has been the fastest growing outsourcing marketplace. The biggest boost for came after acquiring two of the biggest names in the industry. and both founded by Swedish internet entrepreneur Magnus Tibell. then went ahead to conquer the space by acquiring several other outsourcing marketplaces. Recently they […]