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4 Lies To Ignore When Starting Any Online Business

4 Lies To Ignore When Starting Any Online Business image

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Starting an online business is probably the easiest thing to do right now. First, there is the 1-2-3 step by step formulas everywhere online. Then, there are all these God given free tools like social media to reach people and get your business out of obscurity.

The problem is, our minds have been fed with lots of lies.  The successful online entrepreneurs I've talked to managed to ignore the lies in this business.

Below are the lies you need to turn deaf ears to if you must start any online business.

1. It is expensive to run business online.

This is the biggest lie ever. Actually online businesses are the easiest and cheapest businesses you can start. Did you even know that you can start an online business with NO money at all? I mean ZEERRROOO Cost? Let me just put this in figures $0.00. Yes, you can! You can signup for an affiliate offer and just start promoting ready made products and that is $0.00 cost. You don't have to create a product, you don't even need a website. OR, better still you can offer a service. Attack job boards & freelance sites and apply for projects. If you really don't know where and how to start making money online for free, let me help you get started for FREE!

2. You Can Make Easy Money.

Now this is probably the most widely spread LIE in the universe when it comes to making money online. There are a sector of people who still believe you can make easy money from the Internet overnight. Do you know what the sad part is? They believe you get that money without doing anything at all. I know if you are serious about making money online you have probably come across people who have earned 5 or 6 figure incomes in US dollars. Much as these stories are true, the money the get didn't come easy. These people have tried many methods and have invested both time and money before hitting those highs. Even if the person shows evidence for that quick money, the truth is they planned, prepared and tested the method many times before the launch date of the product they are trying to sell. Here is my advise: Freelancing is the easiest and cheapest way to understand how internet business works. If you are a newbie, that is your best degree course to get started online.

3. That you must know how to design websites.

You don't need to know graphic designing, programming or HTML. You will be surprised to find that over 80% of the most successful gurus in online businesses don't even know how to design a web page. Yes! Weird but true. There are two things they mostly do. They either outsource professionals (that is where freelancers come in), or they establish joint ventures to compensate. If you don't know how to build websites, don't worry, just hire a designer and concentrate on the most important aspects of your business.

4. You don't Need To Know How To Sell.

In many occasions people get attracted to start making money online because they say, you don't need to know how to sell. Seriously…? Do you think it is robots who buy the products you are trying to sell? No!, real people are your buyers. How do you expect me to buy from you if you don't know how to sell. Even if you are a freelancer you need to know how to sell. When you place that bid, and tell the potential client why you are the best for the project, you are selling. There are millions of sellers online so you have to convince someone to buy from you.

Turn deaf ears to the above lies and evaluate your online business in the next 90 days. There are lots of other lies that I will write about in up coming posts.

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