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5 Tips on How Freelance Writers Can Manage Writer’s Block (Part 2)

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…this is a continuation from Part 1. If you haven't read it, I recommend you first have a look at it.

1. Find your passion

One of the easiest ways to get writing work done is to write about something that you like or you are passionate about. Reason is that you are most likely to have a bunch of ideas flowing in you mind about something you are passionate about other than something you are not.

2. Have enough rest

Sometimes we simply enter the writer's block because of fatigue. The fix here is to have enough rest as possible. You could go to bed early enough so that you can wake up early and concentration on the most demanding topics/tasks when you are still fresh.

3. Establish your reason for writing

Sometimes a writer's block can be put down to laziness. So, you need to make sure you establish a strong “WHY”. If your “why” is strong enough, it is easier to get to the job no matter what.

4. Play games or watch a movie

As I said in earlier posts, it is necessary to often get away from your freelance tasks and do something different. If you like playing games, go play. If you are a movie person, go watch. That will help relax your mind and make you feel fresher when you get back to work.

5. Find a partner, and follow up each other

It is easy to quit writing for a day when you are hit by a writer's block. 2 years ago, I teamed up with a pal who was running 3 blogs like me and we followed up each other.

So, every day that goes without a post, the defaulter had to pay the other $25. Now you must be thinking how much money I was giving him since I wasn't writing daily.

Well, the thing is that I had other blogs and one pays only when none of the blogs have a post in a day.

Just to let you know, I paid once and that was like on the fourth or fifth day. It was painful because I had paid $25 for not doing something which would take me like an hour to do.

Hope this really helps you to manage the writer's block better. If you didn't read the first part, check here (Part 1)

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