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5 Tips on How Freelance Writers & Bloggers Can Manage Writer’s Block (Part 1)

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If you are a freelance writer you have probably heard of writer's block. If you haven't, there are high chances you have experienced it without knowing what it is.

Writer's block in simple words is a scenario or a period of time when a writer can't get any thing written down. It is like your well of ideas has dried up, and you can't even get the first word or letter to start writing.

The cause is a collection of things; fear and anxiety among others. Most writers find themselves in writer's block at the beginning and end of a project. Below are some tips that I use and you can use to manage writer's block.

1. Set deadlines

This is my favorite and I use it all the time. You need to set a deadline for every writing task you are going to perform. Let's say, you have a short 200 words post to write and you know you can do that in 20 minutes.

Set the alarm to go off in 20 minutes. That way, you will know and have the sense that you don't have all the time to look at an empty page.

2. Write regularly

Practice makes perfect. Right? The more time you spend without writing, the more you get the writer's block.

For instance if you have not been writing for a good time, then you get an article writing project; your are most likely to spend a good amount of time to start writing your first article than some one who wrote an article this morning.

3. Re-organize your office

Sometimes we get bored and feel we need to work in a different location. You can go to the coffee shop or a park and start writing from there for the sake of changing environment -but if you are a person like me who does most of the writing jobs late at night, when the coffee shops and parks are inaccessible; re-organize your working space.

Create more space if you can. If you have the time, repainting your home office once in a while helps big time.

4. Work on multiple projects co-currently

Working on different projects at a time works wonders for many people. This actually minimizes boredom. When you get a writer's block doing one, you shift to another where the ideas are flowing.

5. Avoid self-criticism

Self criticism may be a good thing to help you produce high quality work, but there are times when you may set a standard so high that you get your self locked in the writer's block.

You need to be easy on yourself at the start, get the work done, then go on and criticize the work as you edit it. That will save you lots of time.


By using these tips, I managed to manage writer's block. I noticed a very great reduction in my daily wasted hours. I know they will work for you as well, and get more work done.

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