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5 Tricks to Write Blog Posts Faster

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A good blog needs to have interesting and up-to-date content to keep visitors coming back. Unfortunately, most people don't have the time to put together awesome blog posts. Lucky for you, I've got a little trick that seems to work for me now, and I would like to share it with you.

The 5 tricks that will help you write your blog posts faster

1. Come up with an appropriate schedule

Coming up with a schedule to write your blog will help you write when you are less likely to be distracted or tired. Some people prefer writing early in the morning before everyone wakes up or just before the day begins. Choose a time when you are more likely to be creative, less distracted or tired.

2. Get rid of all distractions

Log out your twitter, Facebook and all other applications before you start. Only open the tabs you'll be using for your research. You need to be focused  to allow your creative juices to flow. Distractions will only make you prolong the time spent on the piece.

3. Turn off the spell checker while writing

To avoid wasting time, write your blog post without pausing to make corrections or to edit. Finish the entire post and then go back to correct the grammar and spelling mistakes. Doing this will help you to write faster as you will not be worried about the mistakes. Ignore that Backspace key as much as possible. This won't feel easy at first. But after my fourth blog post, ignoring the Backspace came naturally.

4. Gather all the information and essentials before you start writing

Gather everything you will need when writing your blog post. Get your writing pad, pen, or drinking water. In addition, make sure that you have done thorough research such that you are only left with compiling the information. Researching your work will help you write without stopping to refer to something for accuracy or to check on certain facts.

5. Write the outline

Write down the main points before you begin writing. A blog post should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you have written down the main points it will be easier for you to fill the details and break your post into readable and attractive subheadings.

Once you are done writing your blog, turn on the spell checker and go through your work correcting all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Read the post and edit it as necessary to ensure that the ideas flow and that the blog post is flawless. Using the tips outlined above will not only help you write faster but will ensure that you write great blog posts for your visitors and clients.

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