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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why Your Business Needs A Website

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A couple of weeks ago, a new client asked me two questions. The first, “Why does my business need a website?” and “Why have a website when I'm on social media?”

I thought it's only wise to make a post about it and share with you who might be in the same dilemma. So in this post I'm answering why you need a website for your business.

I'm very sure there are many people out there, who are still confused about the whole idea of having a website for their business.

If that's you, then this blog post is for you.

Here are the reasons why your business needs a website.

1. Professional business email address

I really have no problem using gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or any email service providers out there but just looks a lot better and more professional.

I want you to imagine two companies have emailed you with a quote for a paint job in your office. One is from and the other from

Which one would you consider more professional? I bet it's So a custom business email address helps put you ahead of your competition.

2. Collect contact information

A website helps you collect leads and build your email list. In fact, not only an email list, but you can collect phone numbers, location, etc. If you intend to do email and mobile marketing, then a website is a must have.

3. Helps to effectively run online marketing campaigns

Like I said earlier if your running any form of online marketing, then you need a home where people will end up from the campaign you're running.

Take for example you're promoting a product or service on any social media platform. Let's assume you've you have a banner that you're sharing.

The people who are interested should be able to go to a place where they can  find more information. And that is where a website comes in.

If you plan to advertise with banners on other websites, you still need to collect leads and you can only do that if you have a landing page on your website.

4. Helps you become an authority in your industry

People are always looking for information. Through your website, you can provide the information people are looking for. It could literally be anything.

If you're a hair dresser, you can educate people  about how to take care of their hair. If you're a dentist, you cam post useful information about how people can take care of their teeth and so on.

By doing so, your potential clients will consider you as an authority in the industry.

Priya Florence Shah a self-published author and online branding consultant had this to say when I asked her how she get's clients for her freelance business. “I don't scout for freelance jobs any more. Now my clients come to me because I've established a brand and a reputation as an expert authority in my field. I regularly get clients connecting with me via my website and LinkedIn.

5. Display your products and services

Your website acts as a 24/7 branch for your business. It's never closed. So anyone can check out your products and services even at 2:00 am. It's the best way to showcase what you have to offer any time.

6. Drive traffic to your physical location

Over 87% of consumers use the internet to make buying decisions. So that means they look up the service or product they want to buy online, then go to the office or store to pick it up. Having a website helps your potential customers know your services and products and where to find you.

7. Beat your competitors

The internet provides a tremendous opportunity to reach millions of people at a very low cost. With a website, you can reach those potential clients that your competition is not reaching.

If your competition are already online, that means you're losing a huge market share to them. Having your own website will help you compete.

If you as a business bid on projects, think about how useful a website with all your information can influence your chances of winning the bid.

8. No need to rob a bank

Yes! Gone are the days when people used to pay $5000 for a simple website. You can literally have a business website up and running with less than $200.

Of course, the price will depend on the functionality and content. But the point is, a website offers a great return on investment.

“And, if you’re strapped for cash, check out this list of hosts that offer free trials of their services. Build a website for free and test it out without paying a cent.”

9. I'm going to help do it for you

And finally, you need to have a website for your business because I am willing to help build one for you.

Your website will be able to collect email and phone contacts, it will have an autoresponder to automatically send emails to subscribers, and also I'll send you a free online marketing pdf file to start getting clients online.

If you need my help, just send me an email here and let's connect.

The truth is that the list of reasons why any business would need a website is endless.

But here I've listed the top reasons I believe why your business needs a website. If you are a business owner and have a website, please let me know in the comments section below how your website has impacted your business.

If you're a business owner and don't have a website, let's connect and I build one for you.

Please share this post with two people you think would benefit from it.

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