5 Ways Local Businesses Can Get More Out of Google

5 Ways Local Businesses Can Get More Out of Google

In today’s world where international, far-reaching companies have such a large share of the retail market presence, it’s easy for local business owners to get duped into believing that they can’t compete. However, there’s still a large segment of the buying population that believes in supporting local businesses first and foremost when possible. The key […]


Why I Paused Blogging

I just got myself a couple of minutes and I thought I should make a quick post here. For more than a month now, there hasn’t been any post on this blog. So last week, an old friend called with a rather angry voice. “Dude, what happened? Why did you stop blogging?” I knew lots […]

ProChat with Vince Comfort and Nikola Roza

ProChat With Vince Comfort & Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza is a freelance SEO content writer, blogger & affiliate marketer. He also helps teach people how to make money online by exploiting Google’s algorithm.  Question: Where are you from? Answer: I’m from Serbia, a small country in the south of Europe. Novak Djokovic is my countryman, but don’t ask for an introduction. Serbia is […]