Getting Clients Online for Any Service: Freelancers & Small Business Owners

Getting cleints online Vince Comfort

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2019. In my last post I talked about making an announcement about changes in my blog. Well, this is it. If you have gone to my homepage, you probably have seen changes especially on the free download section. You’ll notice that there […]

Don’t be a Little Bitch – Happy New Year.

happy new year

Hey there, First, I want to thank you for being part of my journey. I can’t thank you enough for all the support. Especially my clients. Thank you and lot’s of love. 2017 has been a big year for me. Awesome year and I really hope it has been more awesome for you. I truly […]

New to the Internet? 5 Tips for Better Experience

New to the Internet? 5 Tips for Better Experience

UPDATED: 6-Oct-2016 15:52 Every day, thousands of new surfers open their browsers for the first time, it is confusing in the beginning, but if you have some good advice from the start, surfing can be easier, faster and more fun. Tip 1: Use a friendly web browser. If you have a PC, like most of the […]

Just Know I’m here to help: Let me help you

why I blog

“Why do you blog?” is a common question I get from my blogger friends. There are very many reasons why people blog. Every blogger has a reason for blogging. Some people blog to kill boredom, some blog to share their adventures, others to share experiences, while others blog just to make money. Actually, today making […]

Turn Your Haters into Fans and Customers


Sometimes the little things matter the most. It is funny how we at times learn the best lessons by accident. Last week, I received a message from a fan of a Facebook page I manage. This fan was really not happy. His complain was that we were posting too much on his timeline. We should stop stuffing his homepage. We […]