Website Options for Voiceover Actors & Agents – Pros & Cons

Website Options for Voiceover Actors & Agents – Pros & Cons

This is a guest column from Shyam Bhardwaj, a small business SEO consultant. He also writes on and contributes his knowledge on Startup Grind, Tweak Your Biz, and Site Pro News publications. For today’s top-notch voiceover artist, a website is the most important part of your VO career. While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, […]

Branding & Marketing: Which Is More Important?

Branding & Marketing Which Is More Important (1)

This is one of the most confusing topics -at least for me. It took me a long time to understand and put everything in it’s place. Try asking different people what they understand by the term branding! You will get answers like, ‘it’s a logo, the colors and fonts or taglines.’ To be more precise […]

My Secret To Getting Visitors To My Websites And Articles in 2020 And Beyond

Wesite Visitors to articles

There are many methods to get people to go and visit your web page, business website, or creative work online. Then there is this one method I’ve been testing for a couple of months now, and the results are awesome. It is free, and the traffic keeps coming forever. The potential is so great that […]

Do You Sell Anything Online? VISA has new rules. **URGENT**

New Visa Rules

If you do take payments online, this is for you. Especially if you sell any kind of subscription plan, and you accept payments through VISA. By not complying, you risk losing any client disputes in case something goes wrong. The good news is, there is nothing complicated. Probably your merchant will help you with the most […]

Want to Make Money On Amazon? -Before You Become an Amazon Affiliate, Read This!

Amazon Affiliate cuts vc blog (1)

What is Amazon? Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform. (at the time of writing this post.) E-commerce simply refers to buying and selling products and/or services through the internet. What is Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates)? This is a free-to-join affiliate marketing program where website owners, bloggers, and marketers can earn by referring buyers to […]