ProChat with Vince Comfort and Nikola Roza

ProChat With Vince Comfort & Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza is a freelance SEO content writer, blogger & affiliate marketer. He also helps teach people how to make money online by exploiting Google’s algorithm.  Question: Where are you from? Answer: I’m from Serbia, a small country in the south of Europe. Novak Djokovic is my countryman, but don’t ask for an introduction. Serbia is […]

Dear SEO Freelancers Lets Make SEO Rock Again

Dear SEO Freelancers: Let’s Make SEO Rock Again!

This is a guest column from Shyam Bhardwaj, Vancouver BC SEO consultant. He also manages eShine Marketing and writes regular columns at Startup Grind, Tweak Your Biz, and Site Pro News publications. Many young folks think that is SEO a perfect long-term professional career option for them. This applies specifically to those thousands of new […]