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Who Else Wants to Get Freelance Jobs faster

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According to a recent survey by Freelancers Union, the need for freelancers has increased by over 100% over the last two years, and the figures are expected to continue going up through next year. This is definitely good news to any freelancer, but on the other hand the number of new freelancers across all the freelance platforms has grown over 210%; with 53 million freelancers in US only. That means the competition is also stiff for freelancers. So, what do you do to beat the competition and get freelance jobs faster?

3 Tips to help you get freelance jobs faster

1. Have a good and complete profile

It is a good thing to have your profile complete because that alone shows the potential client how serious you are about your business. Make sure you have all your skills listed and if possible include your fares. That way, if a client is interested, they will contact you directly.

2. Attractive and professional profile pictures

Pictures are worth 1000 words; that is absolutely true. Make sure you have a compelling picture of your self. You can have a logo or an image there, but research shows that clients are more likely to award a project to profile with a human face on their profile.

3. Choose the right service to offer

Look for what services people are willing to pay for. You should search for the fastest growing freelance jobs. That is the only way to stay on track.

4. Learn how to write good bids and applications

You may have a great profile, attractive profile picture, the right service to offer, but if you can't write good proposals; you will never get the job. To write a good bid or application, you want to first carefully read and understand the project description.

Simple as these tips look, they work. Getting freelance jobs is not really as hard as people make it look like. Just stop thinking and start doing. you will surely get freelance jobs faster.

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