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Facebook Or Twitter For Your Business? Beginner’s Guide

Facebook Or Twitter For Your Business Beginners Guide

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So your website is finally up, you've got your content up and now, it's time to get the word out there.
Facebook or Twitter? which one is the best platform for your small business branding and marketing.

There are distinct differences with each of these social networking platforms. If you know what those differences are, you can set up a strategy to brand on both while not doing twice the amount of work. They are compatible, but they require different strategies for different audiences.


Let's start with This unique social networking site is also referred to as a “microblogging” site. The entire concept revolves around a status update that you can update all day long, but it's limited to 280 characters each time you update, which are known as “tweets.”

Within those 280 characters, you can post links back to other places online using a URL shortener.
In general, it is far easier to gain a massive audience with Twitter than it is with Facebook. You send out tweets, and people who follow you will see them. If they “retweet” your message, people on their list will see them, and you can gain more followers.

You can add several hundred followers a day on Twitter, and many of those will automatically follow you back, increasing your audience.

You can automate tweets to go out all day, even when you're not online, and you can even send them to Facebook with an application within called Selective Twitter.


Facebook tends to be more complex in terms of the amount and the quality of content you can add. While this means that you can brand far more effectively, it's to a smaller audience.You can also set up a sales page on Facebook for a company and advertise it to the entire Facebook audience based on the demographics that you.

This allows you to brand outside your immediate circle of friends, although it does cost to utilize this advertising format. By using Selective Twitter you can send some of your tweets to Facebook, but you need to take care not to update Facebook as much as you update Twitter.

People will want to hear less from you if you spam their news feed with your Twitter updates, and that's one of the main differences between branding on Twitter and on Facebook.

On Twitter, you can talk on and on and no one cares, but if you try that on Facebook, people will drop you and many won't tell you why. It's a more intimate setting.

On the flip side, when it comes to Facebook business pages, you should post more often. The reason is that facebook will not show each post from your page to all the followers.

So the idea is to have lots of posts so that they can be delivered to fractions of your audience. The best way to show a post to all your facebook page likers is to promote the post through Facebook ads

I created this post for the total newbie just starting with social media marketing. I hope this gave you a proper understanding of the two social media platforms.

Look out for upcoming posts about how to use Facebook or Twitter for business.

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