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If you have been following my blog, I am sure you noticed that I've been inactive for a couple of weeks (I know that is contrary to what I preach when it comes to growing a blog). And, here is the reason for my inactivity. First, I just got 2 new projects from a long term client that is occupying me big time. And then, I am also concentrating on the local eye clinic I work for. The first quarter of the year is always hard.

But an email I got about 4 days ago hit me hard. One of my subscribers shot me a direct email saying she has tried lots of stuff online but just can't seem to make her first dollar.

“Sir, tell me, I wanted to know if there is truly a way a student can make money online? I want to start making money because internet bundles are killing me.” she said.

Having been in her shoes, I knew exactly what problem she was facing. So before I could even reply, I put together a 2 page pdf listing 4 income methods she could use.

I also knew she already had knowledge about this methods but she never had a way of implementing them. So, under each method, I included a link to an adincome methods for studentsditional ebook that would help her lay down what exactly she needed to do. (step-by-step). I sent her the pdf, and I'm hoping to hear from her soon.

‘What if there are more people just like her? What if you are facing the same dilemma?' So- I decided to include 3 more other methods, add a little formatting to the pages and put it online for you. You can download the pdf here.

If this helps you, shoot me a direct email. I would love to hear your testimony.

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