How to Know You Need a New Business Website

How to Know You Need a New Business Website

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In the current world, I would say that any business without a website is leaving a tonne of opportunities on the table.

Many business owners out there give several different reasons as to why they don’t think they should have websites for their businesses. Here is an article I wrote about why you need a business website.

This article is for the business owner who already has a website and is wondering whether there is a need for a new website or redesign!

Are you wondering out online whether you should make a new business website?

Then worry no more, for you are going to ask yourself the following questions. And if most of your answers are not in the affirmative, then indeed its high time you made a new website for your business.

  • Is your business website mobile responsive?

Is your business website mobile responsive web design
Regardless of whether you personally designed your website or hired a professional web designer, check your website on different devices and see how it shows. I use this website to test websites on different mobile devices.

Does your business website automatically adjust its layout, sizing, and proportion on a tablet or smartphone?

Statistics show that more than half of the people check out websites before purchasing goods using their mobile phones rather than computers.

If your website is not mobile responsive, then there are higher chances that potential customers will turn to your competitor's services instead.

  • Is your business website frequently updated?

Is your business website frequently updated

There might be recent developments in your business that you need to include on your website.

Maybe the location of your business changed or you are providing other services as well. You will have to include it all on your business website. And most especially on the home page.

Make sure the information on your website is accurate. Let the working hours be accurate and exact. Let your website provide reliable information to your intended clients at all times.

If not, then here we go again, you surely need a new website for your business.

  • Is your business website user-friendly?

Is your business website user-friendly

Clients who visit your website should find it easy to navigate around the features. Your website should be designed in such a way that the most important details appear right away on the homepage.

And by “most important”, I mean what the website is about, and what it offers to its users. Though most importantly the contact information should be easily seen.

Customers tend to feel more confident and indulge more in your website when they are sure they know how to contact you.

So if your website is lacking in that area, then it’s time for a new web design for your business website.

  • When did you last redesign your website?

When did you last redesign your website

We seem to not notice time passing by as we concentrate on our businesses. So after creating a business website that seems like the end of that project.

We forget that the client's taste and our businesses keep on evolving. We forget that we need to keep on redesigning our websites to achieve what we initially targeted.

Bluntly speaking, if you haven’t redesigned your website over a period of five years, then you must get a new business website.

You will sooner realize this necessity or maybe you have even already noticed that it is expensive to make routine website edits. And this is due to the older website frameworks.

  • How high is your traffic bounce rate?

How high is your traffic bounce rate

Bounce rate is the rate at which website visitors leave a website after viewing one page other than going on and interacting with other pages on the website.

For an organic website, a bounce rate of 40-50% is surely too high. Though that would be understandable for paid traffic.

Of course you can always check for your website bounce rate. And if it’s more than 40%, then a new web design could be your immediate thought.

At least that would be one of the reasons as to why users leave the website without doing anything.

Maybe your visitors don't know where to go next, or they don't find the website interesting or the content helpful enough. Without having to redesign, here are  5 ways to decrease bounce rate to your website

  • How do search engines show your website?

How do search engines show your website

Well, it’s rare to miss your website name on the front page of a search engine when you search for it.

But if this is the case, then I don’t think you have any other options than to make a new website for your business. Maybe you don’t need a full redesign but Search Engine Optimization

Customers rarely go past the front page when surfing for services or products. Your business website not being in the front page surely does not help with marketing your services or products.

So get a new web design for your business website and promote your business legibly.

  • How is your website traffic?

How is your website traffic

Is the traffic towards your website less or high? If it’s high, then bravo. Your website is perfectly doing fine.

But if your traffic is less, then you’ve got to do something about your website. Look for ways of boosting your website traffic.

And I still recommend getting a new business website. Because probably people are too used to the old design and they have no hope of finding new helpful content.

  • Does your competitor have a new website?

Does your competitor have a new website

I’m not the kind of guy who likes comparing myself with others, but when it comes to business, the dynamics kind of change.

If your competitor has a new website with all the latest features and your website is still running with features of five years ago, it’s time to get busy and pimp that site.


Well, I hope the above tips can help you decide whether you need a new business website or not.

One way you won’t go wrong though is through your customers’ feedback. Their feedback is what should lead you on, after all, they are the sole consumers and users.

Their opinion matters a lot in your business.

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