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why I blog

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why I blog

“Why do you blog?” is a common question I get from my blogger friends. There are very many reasons why people blog. Every blogger has a reason for blogging. Some people blog to kill boredom, some blog to share their adventures, others to share experiences, while others blog just to make money.

Actually, today making money is an additional goal if not the main one for most bloggers. So –what is my main reason for blogging? Here is why I blog, and why you should follow me.

Being an online freelancer; my family members, and close friends wanted to know how I work online. Once I explained the process, they wanted me to help them get started and going. Now… that is a lot of work. If you do some kind of work online, I’m sure you can agree with me.

So I figured out that the best way to help was to create content that I can easily forward to them. The best and easiest way to do that was to write a blog. That way, I would be helping not only my family and friends but anyone who needed my help.

I blog about freelancing, online income ideas, and online marketing because these are the things I am passionate about. I am always researching these topics. So I share my findings through this blog. I share tips, tricks and also teach skills that can help you or your business make more money online.

If you are a freelancer, I am here to help you with the tips and skills you need to succeed in the freelance space. How to create a winning profile. How to win more clients, and how to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

For the business owner, I blog to give you the tips and skills you need to promote your business online, get more clients, and make more money.

There is a lot of noise on the internet and if you are not careful, you are bound to waste a lot of time searching for a solution, and/or land on the wrong advice. I am here to help you save time. Share my experience and help move your business forward. I may not have all the answers you need, but trust me I can help you find the best answers.

Looking forward to connecting with you. Twitter @VinceComfort

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Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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