A Letter to the Freelancer Who wants to quit

A Letter to the Freelancer Who wants to quit

don't quit yet!

Dear freelancer,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Most importantly, I hope it reaches you before you make that final decision of quitting.

I’m not sure why you want to quit now. If you are quitting because you’ve got a juicer opportunity in your hands, or your business needs more of your attention, Kudos! That is probably the best decision you can make. I wish you the best.

But if it is because projects are not coming your way, or clients are not paying you on time, or you are losing focus and motivation, just hold on.

Don’t quit just yet! Don’t quit because you are having too much work and getting less free time (I know a lady who did that). I say don’t quit because this is how the freelance world runs.

“Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.”
― Anthony Robbins

Freelancing has pros and cons. One day you have too much work and feel like this is not what you want to do, the next day there are no projects, no money coming in, and another day, there is work but your fuel is so low that you feel you can’t work.

That’s just how it is!

Like any other venture, there are obstacles that will always come your way. What you are facing right now is just a hump. I want you to know that whatever is making you want to quit has a solution.

It is important you take this as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Why are you freelancing? Why did you start freelancing in the first place? Take time and think about your “WHY”. Is it to raise money for tuition? Is it a house you want? Is it more time with your family?

Let your Why be your fuel. Every time you feel low, think about the reason you are doing this. I have personally gone 3 months straight with no single project. My little savings account went dry. Only my “why” kept me going.

If you feel less motivated, listen to motivational speeches. Erica Martin a freelancer since 2008 listens to fast-paced, motivating music. She also says, sometimes she finds her lack of motivation is because she is bored with whatever project she is working on. So, she switches to a different project.

What is troubling you, that you want to quit freelancing? Please mention it in the comments. I would like to help find you a solution.

If you already made the decision to quit, you are in control. You made the decision and it is up to you to reverse it.

“The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”
— Mark Zuckerberg,

I leave you with a free eBook. Never Give UP. It has 70 tips to help you be persistent with your goals and dreams.

I believe in you and wish you the very best in your freelance career.

From: Vince Comfort the Freelancer who’s thought of quitting more times than he can remember.