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My Vision for Success and How I’m Going to Move Forward to Make It a Reality

success vince comfort

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success vince comfort

For six years I have been freelance writing and blogging, never have I used pen and paper to draft. 100% of the time, I open MS Word and BOOM! –My keyboard gets busy.

Today, I just feel like being away from my laptop screen, away from any distractions.

I’ve only written three sentences on paper, and I already know 2 things about me using pen and paper to write.

First, I type faster than I can write. Secondly it feels gooood! It reminds me of the high school love letters we used to write. I am not sure if I am good at writing love letters, but I am damn sure the best piece I ever wrote was the last.

I messed up, and my high school girlfriend for over 2 years was dumping me. I was heartbroken and angry (with myself of course). That day, I spent more than 6 hours writing the longest letter I’ve ever written. I’m not sure how long it was, but I assume in the range of 700 – 1000 words.

That makes me wonder, whether my writing creativity is higher when I am angry, heartbroken or dissatisfied with something. Because right now, I am.

What I am dissatisfied with?

dissatisfied vince comfort

When I started looking for ways of making money online, everyone around me thought I had gone nuts. Then when the money started coming in, they wanted to know how I was doing it.

As you know, there is no way one can explain all that to someone in a day. Let alone there being no time since I had projects on my plate.

So, the only idea was to start a blog. Boy oh boy, did I start? Months past and turned to years. Still nothing.
But finally in September 2015, I launched

The idea was to write posts that would help my friends understand what I do. That was the easiest way to be able to help people even when I was too occupied with my projects.

My plan was to post two articles every week. That way, in a year’s time I would have documented most of the things that one needed to get started online.

Secondly, if I was going to spend time writing posts, I needed to make some little money doing it. That means monetizing with adsense or affiliate offers, then driving traffic to the posts.

Well… just like starting a new venture, I started the blog and was firing with all cylinders. Setting up the blog, looking for the best plugins, researching traffic sources and changing theme after theme. For about a week or so, I only concentrated on working on the blog.

Then I got a new project that needed about 200 hours of my time. As if that wasn’t enough, a good old client of mine emailed me and needed a revamp for his site. Since my hands were already full, I had to outsource some of the work. But still, I was too occupied to give up time for writing for my blog.

So, instead of two posts per week, it became one post per month. I am dissatisfied because I am not executing all the plans I had for this blog.

My Vision for Success

goal plan success vince comfort

I can clearly see by September this year I have 1000 email Subscribers. I can see my traffic increase by 10X. I can feel the success and happiness I have brought in the lives of my friends and readers.

To achieve this success, for the next 3 months, no matter how tight my schedule is, I will create time to write blog posts. I will also publish not less than 2 posts every week.

I have already set aside 3 hours every day to work on the blog. This is how the time will be partitioned;
30 minutes daily will be dedicated to creating new content
1 Hour will be for promoting the blog
1 Hour will be to focus on list building activities, and
30 minutes for answering questions on email and social media.

That being said, if you have any questions about working online or promoting your business online, you’ve got me. I may not know everything, but having been an online freelancer since 2010, working with over 100 individuals and businesses, I’ve had all the ups and downs of trying to earn online.

You can follow me and learn from my experience, or gamble and try to figure things on your own.
My mission is to be able to help you make an extra income online. Help the unemployed to use the internet to change their lives and those of their families.

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