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ProChat With Vince Comfort & Minuca Elena

ProChat with Vince Comfort and Munica Elena

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You have a blog and you are struggling to earn more money from it? Minuca Elana is the person you wanna talk to.  

Minuca creates awesome influencer roundups that provide quality content, brings huge traffic, and helps bloggers connect with influencers

Question: Where are you from?

Answer: I live in Bucharest, Romania. I love to travel so I intend to become a digital nomad, to live and work in other countries.

Question: Wow, that's great. How easy is it to be a digital nomad?

Answer: Being from a country that is a member of European Union (EU) I can go to many countries from Europe without needing a passport or a VISA.

Question: How long have you been freelancing?

Answer: I built my first and only site on December 2015. I got my first client in February 2016. So, that means that I have been a freelancer for about two years and a half now. I like my job, it's not always easy and there are a lot of challenges but it's also very rewarding. I work from home and I have the freedom to go wherever I want whenever I want. If I want to go on a holiday next week, I don't have to ask for permission from my boss (because I don't have a boss). It all depends on how well I can manage my work to be sure I won't be late with my projects.

Question: Which is your favorite place to get freelance jobs?

Answer: I don't have a favorite place to get freelance jobs. I don't have a profile on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Never tried them. I focus on building my personal brand, networking with other bloggers and influencers from my niche. I am very active in Facebook groups. It's all about building relationships.

Question: I like that. I wish someone told me this when I was just starting out. I wish I started working on my brand earlier. So, do you sometimes feel down, and unproductive? 

Answer: Yes I do.

Question: What do you think are the main causes in your case?

Answer: Everyone has bad moments from time to time. All that matters is how fast and well you get over them. When I started freelancing, I sometimes felt down because I was unsure if I can sustain this lifestyle and get clients each month. If you are a newbie, I advise you keep your day job until you earn a consistent, regular income from your online work.

Question: What do you do get motivated again?

Answer: I work hard. Even if you have only a couple clients, always over deliver and have a friendly relationship with all your clients. Some may call it unprofessional but it's best for people to see you as a nice person dedicated to her or his job. You will get better testimonials, and references than if you behave formally. Having happy clients will make you feel better about your work and the value that you provide.

Set clear goals and work hard to achieve them. You need to have a purpose beyond earning money to pay your bills. What do you want? To travel, to buy a new car, to move alone? Whatever it is, find that why that motivates you and makes you push your boundaries and do a terrific job

Question: Which motivational speakers do you listen to?

Answer: I don't follow certain motivational speakers. I sometimes watch Tedx speeches on the internet and recordings from Anthony Robbins and Brian Tracy's events. I also follow Evan Carmichael on his Youtube channel. He does short motivational videos, entitled “10 rules of success of..” where he presents different successful entrepreneurs and their success principles.

Question: What advice would you give to the new freelancer just starting?

Answer: My best advice for new freelancers is this: if you are providing a service to clients never start working on a new project before getting at least half of the payment. It doesn't matter how decided the client seems to be, or that he promises you that he will pay you at the end of the project. He may change his mind and all your work will be for nothing.


Thank you so much Minuca Elena for your time and sharing with us.

TAKEAWAY #1: Never start working on a new project before getting at least half of the payment.

TAKEAWAY #2: Building your personal brand, and networking with others.

Check out Minuca Elena on FacebookTwitter and her website

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