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ProChat With Vince Comfort & Daniel Klotz

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In today's ProChat with Vince Comfort, we have Daniel Klotz. Daniel Klotz is an SEO consultant. Founder of Evident. A consultancy business of husband-and-wife team with Amanda Klotz.

Question: Where are you from, Daniel?

Answer: I live and work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. From my location here in Lancaster, PA I serve businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania.

I went to college in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and I began my marketing career working at a real estate firm in New York City. My hometown is York, Pennsylvania.

ProChat With Vince Comfort and Daniel klotzQuestion: How long have you been freelancing?

Answer: I have been freelancing full-time since February 2017. That means I've been freelancing for a year and 6 months at this point. That means it's still fairly new to me, but I knew motivation would be something I would have to address when I went out on my own, so it's something I've built into my freelancing business.

Question: Do you sometimes feel down, and unproductive?

Answer: ‘ Yes, I do.

Question: What do you think are the main causes in your case?

Answer: Like most people I sometimes feel down and unproductive, but I have found that I feel that way less often now that I'm independent than I did when I was working as a full-time employee. The most common cause for feeling down is that I've been working too intensely for too many hours straight. When I take a break, get exercise, and interact with friends, it helps a lot.

Question: What do you do to get motivated again?

Answer: When I'm not feeling motivated, my first course of action is simply to put my butt in my chair in front of my computer and try to do at least something. Many times that can build enough momentum to get a good chunk of work done. If that doesn't work, then I give myself permission to take a break for at least half an hour. I go for a walk outside, visit a friend, or fix a meal. I've also found that it's very helpful to schedule interaction with people I enjoy spending time with.

Question: Which motivational speakers do you listen to?

Answer: I don't generally listen to motivational speakers. Instead, I find that if I catch up on the industry blogs that I follow, I'm energized by the new information and ideas that I encounter there. By reading industry blogs, I'm reminded why I love what I do, and I'm challenged to keep up with my peers who are trying new things.

Question: Which is your favorite place to get freelance jobs?

Answer: I get freelance jobs through personal relationships I've built in real life, and that remains my favorite and best source of freelance work. For me, the key is to earn the respect of other professionals who do work related to yours, but not exactly the same as yours. Customers often ask them for recommendations, and they can refer business to you.

Question: What advice would you give to the new freelancer just starting?

Answer: Know your own limits, particularly when it comes to your energy, focus, and will power. Some people will tell you that you have to spend 60 hours a week working or you won't make it as a freelancer. That's not true for everyone. Many people, myself included, would burn out at that rate. Also remember that it's hard to be productive if you're not taking time to get at least a little exercise and to rest.


Thank you so much Daniel Klotz for your time and sharing with us.

TAKEAWAY #1: Build real life personal relationships. They can be the best source of freelance work.

TAKEAWAY #2: You don't need to work 60 hours a week to make it. Get a little exercise and rest.

Check out Daniel Klotz on LinkedIn, Facebook, and his website

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