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ProChat with Vince Comfort & Inma

ProChat with Vince Comfort & Inma

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Inma is a freelancer, traveler, and travel blogger at A world to travel. She has traveled through over 60 different countries and territories lived and worked in 9, studied in 5, and volunteered in 3.

Vince Comfort: Thank you for sparing this time to talk to me. So, tell me a little about where you are from?

Inma: I am from Galicia, a region on the northwest coast of Spain. I was born and raised here, and although I travel a lot, I always come back to where I belong. This land is a paradise on earth and I would not change it. At least not right now.

Vince: I can see apart from your blog, you are also a freelancer. How long have you been freelancing?

Inma: I've been freelancing on and off since I launched A World to Travel – My sustainable travel and lifestyle website – Whenever time allowed me to do so. That happened towards the end of 2012 so I guess the correct answer would be I have been freelancing for over 8 years.

Vince: So where do your clients come from? 

Inma: I guess if you build a platform as I did, it becomes your best portfolio. Otherwise, for copywriting-related gigs, you need to be on sites like Muckrack and Contently. For photographers and visual creative types, that would be Behance.

Then there's LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Being active there pays off.

And finally, there is a myriad of websites offering a wide range of jobs. From the ones where you need to create a proper profile and market your services like Fiverr to many others, what matters is narrowing down your choice to just a few in the beginning. It is impossible to dominate them all.

Vince: A tonne of things going on in there for you. Do you sometimes feel down, and unproductive? 

Inma: Doesn't that happen to everyone?

Regular breaks (have you tried the Pomodoro technique?) every 30 or 60 minutes are key. If you can, nothing beats going out for a walk in nature.

Finally, try to avoid getting there in the first place. Social media is the ultimate recipe for disaster, procrastination, and in the end, feeling down and unproductive. Uninstall those apps now!

Vince: Yes sure, I use the Pomodoro technique. It actually works wonders especially when I want to put in more hours of work.

But still, there is that moment for me when I know the tank is empty. In such a scenario where would you get your motivation from?

Inma: As I said, I love going out for a walk.

Chilling for a while and grabbing a tea or coffee while thinking about what's the next actionable step work really well for me too. You don't need to plan a bunch of things, just take the next step and actually get started.

Vince: Do you even ever tune into motivational speakers?

Inma: None in particular. Is it too rare for an answer?

I mean, I have watched tons of TEDx talks and read many motivational articles online. But I don't have any particular gurus nor follow anyone that I can remember right now. I guess my commitment level is quite low profile there.

Vince: Hahaha…. yes, a little rare, but I understand. I think with all the travel you do, there is a tonne of motivation to tap into everywhere you go.

I really appreciate having you here for this.

Just to wrap this up, what advice would you give to anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps?

Inma: Actually, get started as soon as you can and avoid working for free if possible. If you do work for free – sometimes exposure is worth it, especially in the beginning. Make sure the opportunity is a great fit and will move you closer to your goal and the future you envision.


Thank you so much Inma for your time and for sharing with us.

TAKEAWAY #1: Get Started as soon as you can.

TAKEAWAY #2: Only work for free if the opportunity will move you closer to your goal.

Check out Inma's website

ProChat With Vince Comfort is a mini-interview series where I bring you business experts especially business owners that are leveraging the internet to grow.

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