ProChat with Vince Comfort & Stjepan Laca

ProChat with Vince Comfort & Stjepan Laca

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Stjepan Laca specializes in Business planning, budgeting, investment projects, risk management, business valuation, finance, and accounting.

Vince Comfort: Thank you for sparing this time to talk to me. So, tell me a little about where you are from?

Stjepan Laca: I live in Croatia, a small country in central Europe. My region is Dalmatia, near the city of Split is the place where I live. This is a place near the beautiful Adriatic sea in the mediterranean sea.

Climate is sunny, and it is a very beautiful place for life, but unfortunately, it is not a great place for doing business.

Vince: How long have you been in business?

Stjepan: Before going solo, I used to work in the financial and investment industry. My last working place was Head of Risk Control Sector in a small regional bank in Croatia.

I quitted from this job in September of last year. Since then I'm a freelancer. I opened sole proprietorship Akson Consult and I'm working from home

Vince: So where do you get your clients from?

Stjepan: At first my all customers came from referrals from business relationships I had before. One of my main principles in the freelancing business is excellent customer service, so all my past and current customers, are also the future. But for scaling business, I'm learning about digital marketing and I hope that in the near future I will get customers also from the internet

Vince: Do you sometimes feel down, and unproductive? 

Stjepan: After more than 15 years in middle management positions in the corporate sector, I'm used to high tempo and pressure.

So I'm putting myself goals for every day and in situations where I have no actions for my clients, I'm developing sales and marketing steps.

Among that, for every free time, I have, I'm learning new things for which I expect can be helpful in the future.

Vince: Good for you my man. But, do you listen to any motivational speakers?

Stjepan: The main motivational speakers I follow are Gary Vaynerchuk and Patrick Bet David. For example, great effect on me had an article from Gary “Two secrets to staying motivated and hungry” where he explains how he manages to constantly stay competitive and motivated.

Here he points to Selfishness and Gratitude. Selfishness is not about money, it is about looking for a legacy, and for him, if You want real fuel to win, be grateful.

To wrap this up, what advice would you give to a new entrepreneur?

Stjepan: Main advice which I would give to the newcomers is that You do what makes You happy. When You are doing what makes You happy there is no way that You are not going to make it. The second invest in yourself, knowledge is power so You want to invest in power.


Thank you so much Stjepan Laca for your time and for sharing with us.

TAKEAWAY #1: You do what makes You happy.

TAKEAWAY #2: Invest in yourself, knowledge is power.

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