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How to Promote your business on Facebook and Get Results?

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Are you promoting your business on Facebook, and not getting results? Are you looking for how to promote your business on Facebook? This post is to help you figure out where the problem is, and how to get started with Facebook marketing. Most people start promoting their businesses on Facebook because they have seen other businesses get results or they just heard that Facebook is a good place to promote their business. I was one of them. So I know how it feels like trying to look for fan page likes, posting information and sharing all in the name of putting your business out there. Then at the end of the day there is nothing to show for all the time and hard work you put in.

Before promoting your business on Facebook, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself

Are your customers on Facebook?

I’m assuming you already know who your ideal customer is. Their age, gender, location, income, interests and so on. Now ask yourself, “are they on Facebook?” BI Intelligence Report shows reveals that only 14% of US teens considered Facebook their most important social media site compared to 32 % for Instagram. According to ComScore, only two-fifths of adult US adult users are aged between 18 and 34 years old. You may need to search for some facts and statistics because you might be promoting to the wrong audience.

Are you getting the right Facebook followers (page likes)?

When I started setting up Facebook fan pages, I was just looking of people to like my page. I didn’t care where they were from, what they do, and what their interests were. All I wanted was a like for my page. I got it all wrong because I didn’t even know who my real customers were. So you want to spend your resources wisely to get the people that matter to your business, to like your page. You can connect through pages and groups that are related to your business but I found out the easiest way is to use Facebook ads.

Do you have content that will appeal to your prospects on Facebook?

Being Consistent is one thing that is very important when it comes to promoting your business on Facebook. That actually applies to all social media platforms. That means you need relevant pieces of information that you can share with your potential customers. It must also be helpful because they need to label you a source of information in order to build trust. The good thing is Facebook allows you to schedule post for months making your work a lot easier.

Do you have a strategy?

One of the reasons you are not getting results may simply be a lack of strategy. Posting content everyday is easier said than done. Before you know it, you miss out a day, then two, then soon you say, “I will post whenever I have some free time”. Get your strategy straight and stick to it.

Do you understand your followers?

Once you get all the above right, now is time to understand your followers. The main reason you want to get to your followers’ minds is to know when and what to share with them. You want to know which day of the week has high engagement. This will help you know when to share your most important information to reach to the maximum number of followers. What type of information and keywords bring in more engagement and which age group is more engaged.

Facebook’s Insights should also give you enough data for use but if you need more detailed analytics, you can try platforms like Edge Rank Checker

According to Gary Aviles, a social media marketing expert, small and mid-sized business owners are competing now more than ever. In order to win, you have to separate yourself from the competition. And the first step through social media is to set goals and work towards them.

Once you have your answers to the questions above, set goals and stay consistent as you work towards those goals. You will be more focused because you know what you are doing. Promoting your business on Facebook will be much easier and more fruitful.

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