The Secret of Creating Content That Drives Organic Traffic

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I have worked on content creation for lots of blogs, and websites.

One of the best feelings is when you create content that gets you lots of organic traffic for free. I have a checklist I usually work with but I stumbled upon research that just blew my mind.

The report was compiled by Neil Patel the C0-founder of KISSmetrics. I believe you will find some interesting information that you can use to create some really cool content that the search engines will like.

Below is the infographic he prepared.

How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
There you have it; What I have learned here is to focus on long-tail keywords, and creating evergreen content, then do lots of quality backlinks.
This will definitely increase your blog readership. Just take note that; always aim for quality backlinks because Google will get mad at you if your backlinks come from poorly ranked websites.
So watch out where your backlinks are coming from if you intend to outsource.

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