NewTube Review: Music App for Freelancers and Heavy Computer Users

Music App for Freelancers and Heavy Computer Users NewTube Review

It’s called NewTube, it’s a Chrome browser music extension, and this is my NewTube Review. I love listening to music. Especially when I have one of those repetitive tasks going on. And my pain has always been having to switch to another tab, or open up VLC just to switch between songs. It’s kinda time […]

Getting Clients Online for Any Service: Freelancers & Small Business Owners

Getting cleints online Vince Comfort

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2019. In my last post I talked about making an announcement about changes in my blog. Well, this is it. If you have gone to my homepage, you probably have seen changes especially on the free download section. You’ll notice that there […]

ProChat With Vince Comfort & Erica Martin

Erica Martin is a freelance writer and the founder of At My Ebook Journey she provides unbiased book review and advice for readers. Question: Where are you from? Answer: I live in Kannapolis, North Carolina, on the East Coast of the United States. I’ve also lived in several other states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, and […]

ProChat With Vince Comfort & Daniel Klotz

In today’s ProChat with Vince Comfort, we have Daniel Klotz. Daniel Klotz is an SEO consultant. Founder of Evident. A consultancy business of husband-and-wife team with Amanda Klotz. Question: Where are you from, Daniel? Answer: I live and work in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. From my location here in Lancaster, PA I serve businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania. […]

I’m new to the internet. How can I start making money online?

I’m new to the internet. How can I start making money online? Someone (Roc Y) asked this question in my inbox a couple of days ago. A very direct question I would say. But there is no one sentence answer for this that I could give. I thought I should publish as a post for the […]