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Why You Should Start Using Images to Drive Traffic to your Blog?[INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you already using images to drive traffic to your blog? If you are doing so, Great job! I really never took the image strategy seriously. After reading a recent post about driving blog traffic with images, I am surely in for this. Below is an infographic that puts together all the statistic. At the end of it all, my take away point is to try different forms of images and find out those that drive the most traffic, then do more of it. …enjoy!


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8 Responses

  1. Wow! I had no idea that images were so important! That is a great infographic. Thank you for sharing, and I will definitely continue to work on my images.

  2. This is an awesome infographic! Knew images were important but didn’t realize the extent of their impact. Definitely will be using them more with my work.

  3. I always use images in my posts because I like to see images when I read posts. It’s good to know that they are helping to drive traffic. Thanks for the info.

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