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Affordable Web Hosting Plans Designed for Web Designers

World Class LiteSpeed Powered Premium Hosting to Produce Blazing fast Sites

What to Expect

99.9% Uptime

Free SSL Certificates

100% Custom plans

Have You Ever Felt Helpless As A Web Designer?

Imagine a situation where,

And then...

The website is nothing close to what you had promised your client.
It is extremely slow. You know this will not only affect your reputation but also affect your client's business.

FUN FACT: Upto 80% of visitors will leave the website before it even loads properly. That is going to cost your client.

Any other web designer on the streets won't care about this. But you as a professional, you care about your client's business.

But first...

As a web designer myself, I know how the quality and affordability of a hosting service affects a web design business...

...and the big names in hosting really don't care about the little man.

What's the Biggest Hosting Problem Today?

Regardless of whether you're a new web designer, a seasoned web designer, or a career web designer; these problems cut across.

What if I told you there is a better way...

My name is Vince Comfort, and I have been in the web design industry for a decade now. I wanted to create a hosting solution that is not only affordable but also provides top-notch performance with maximum flexibility.

A hosting service that gives you the same high-end features that expensive hosting companies provide. A hosting service where you only pay for what you use.

No need to pay for pricey hosting plans just to have access to premium features yet you have a small customer base.

Become a Member

Regardless of what plan you subscribe to, below are the benefits you get for your own website.

And most importantly, you keep what you charge your clients for hosting.

1 Year Plan

$69 $49

Save $20

5 Years Plan

$239 $159

Save $80

6 Reasons To Choose Our Service

Here's what you get

Weekly Backups

We take weekly backup rotations of your account on to our remote JetBackup servers, ensuring total data safety at no extra cost. With JetBackup you can also easily access your remote backups within your control panel with the option to directly download or restore them at any time.

AMD EPYC Processors

All our servers run on AMD EPYC Rome Processors, currently the fastest server processors available with up to 3x performance over older processors. We run these processors on top of NVMe SSD Drives & Litespeed, allowing maximum performance.

Free WordPress Installation

Having problems installing WordPress on your hosting account? A huge amount of websites online now run on WordPress and it is considered to be the most stable and diverse platform. Others will charge you a hefty sum to install it but we shall install it for free.

WordPress Isolation

Each website is isolated from others on the same server. There is no way for a compromised website to jeopardise another or for a vulnerability to propagate and access other websites’ files. So there is no way, one client's website infection affects another.

Free Migrations

Moving your website from one web host to another is always a hussle. We offer you the ability to migrate from other providers to your new hosting account. We will migrate your customers web websites to new accounts at no extra charge.

Direct Admin Control Panel

Direct Admin has started gaining traction and is slowly becoming the industry standard. It is an easy-to-use control panel that is extremely light-weight, allowing it to offer a lot more performance output than most control panels while featuring premium applications like Softaculous, Site Builders and a Built-in file manager.

Become a Member

Regardless of what plan you subscribe to, below are the benefits you get for your own website.

And most importantly, you keep what you charge your clients for hosting.

1 Year Plan

$69 $49

Save $20

5 Years Plan

$239 $159

Save $80

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes sure! the plans can be paid for in 3 payment installments, but NOTE: The Discounts don't apply on installment payments. Reach out to support to setup an installment payment.

We offer free migration service for our clients. So regardless of if you're using cPanel or DirectAdmin, get in touch with support to help you.

Nope. Currently we don't offer domains. We will direct our nameservers to your domains

We highly advise against installing multiple domains in the same control panel. This helps to keep your other websites safe incase one of your client's website is compromised.

Absolutely! We'll set up your account, and you'll also get a PIN that you must provide if our support team must access your account. This will make sure only you have access to your hosting server account.


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