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I just got myself a couple of minutes and I thought I should make a quick post here.

For more than a month now, there hasn't been any post on this blog.

So last week, an old friend called with a rather angry voice. “Dude, what happened? Why did you stop blogging?”

I knew lots of people where reading my blog posts, but I didn't know someone would actually get pissed. “Wait for the next post and I will tell you what happened.” I replied.

Now that I am back, burning with lots of content to share, I think this post would be the ultimate starting point.

Me not making regular posts is absolutely laughable. Especially, for a guy who talks about consistency when it comes to blogging.

It's bad for the blog, and also bad especially for you who is following the blog.

But… for the most part, I couldn't do anything about it.

First, a ton of offline activities dropped on me. And I  found my self in a location where access to electricity was so difficult let alone bad internet access.

But then when I returned, I got sick. I didn't feel it, but at least I was made to believe that I was. So I was advised to take rest from most of my duties.

Despite all these, I'm grateful I still got time to answer all the questions that I got on email and Facebook.

You guys are awesome!

You now know wazup! It's time to get rolling.

Look out for the next post. I'll be announcing some changes on the blog.

And I hope, you'll like them! 🙂

PS: And Yes…! I do have bad hair days too. 🙂

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