5 Signs It’s time to Let Your Client Go

5 Signs It’s time to Let Your Client Go

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However great your product or service is, in any business, there are always clients that are not the best fit for business.

In the creative world, beginners normally tend to take up any project and offer services to any client because the point is to make some quick money.

The downside is that you end up making unwise decisions like; agreeing on a price that is not good enough for your time & business and offering services you may not be comfortable offering.

While I have written this post based on my experience as a web developer, most of the tips here apply to most service providers.

Below are 5 signs that you should look out for to know whether it is time for a break up with your client.

1. When you don't enjoy working

The moment you stop enjoying a task you previously enjoyed, there is a problem.

Personally, I hate doing things that I don't enjoy.

This is mainly for two reasons; first, my productivity level drops by over 50%, and secondly, I don't like people to know me for something I don't enjoy doing.

After completing the project the client may leave a review or recommend you. Which is good because you get more clients and make more money.


the problem is more clients are going to come to you offering the same job you don't enjoy. Sometimes your decisions don't have to entirely depend on money.

2. When payments start delaying

In business, there are always low times. …but when it becomes a regular thing then you've got to move on.

Sometimes it is hard to tell clients what is in your mind especially if they have been good to you. But if this is your source of living, then you need to tell them that you may need to invest your time in clients who can pay fast because your account is running low.

3. Ever-increasing demands

This one is a bit tricky.

First, you need to understand why the client is over-demanding. If the increase in demand is about the quality of your work then make sure you do all you can to perfect your work to the client's satisfaction.

However, some clients will unnecessarily change deadlines or project specifications when you are halfway through the project.

Well, that is fine if it is a one-time request; but if it becomes a continuous habit, then QUIT!

The best way I find it easy to break up with this kind of client is to tell them, you can't meet the demand.

For example; if they are changing a 7 days deadline to 3 days, just let them know you already scheduled your 7 days and you can not meet the demand. If you know someone who can offer the service, refer them to the client.

Remember: You only do this when it is a repetitive thing because there are scenarios a client will need your help and you've got to give it to them to build a good working relationship.

4. When they become disrespectful

There is nothing so cool as working online because you and your client can get to know each other on a personal level.

The bad part is some weird personalities start to treat you poorly and undermine you. Once a client becomes disrespectful, call it quits.

Remember to do it the right way.

If you are using freelancer platforms, make sure you contact them(job platforms) first. Tell them about your experience and inform them of your intentions to refund the client's money in case you haven't delivered all or part of the project.

5. When the work you get starts reducing

Let's assume at the time a client first offered you a project it was a 6-hour daily task.

6 weeks down the road, it comes down to 4 hours, and another 2 weeks it is 3 hours.

This is obvious something is not right and you should start looking for your next project.

This is what normally happens —every online entrepreneur joins with high hopes of getting lots of money online. Just look at all the programs and products that are selling online.

They promise you strategies that you can use and start making money in 2 weeks, 7 days, or even hours.

So someone buys one of them and hires you to take care of some of the tasks; 2 weeks into it, and the person is not making any money, he will begin to think otherwise.

This is just one of those scenarios. So always make sure you have a backup plan when you see your services become less needed.


All in all, knowing and choosing the right client for your business sometimes comes with experience. Even the most established business owners and entrepreneurs end up with bad clients. If that is the case, you now know when to let them go.

In the comments section below, let me know how your experience has been with clients, and how you have handled some difficult client situations.

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