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How to Get More Readership to Your Blog Fast [4 Tips]

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Whether you are new or old to the online income industry, owning a blog is a must-have. Whatever your motive is, you want to draw readers to your blog.

Whether you are selling advertising, a product, or just your own set of ideas, you want as large a readership as possible.

If you think you have enough readers let alone visitors to your blog; you can skip this article and save your time for others but if you think you need to get more readers, then read on.

Knowing how to draw readers to your blog is very important.

Below are four tips to help you steadily increase the number of your blog readers. These are some of the many strategies I use. Copy them, use them and believe me, you will get results.

more readership

1. Link to other posts in current articles

This is probably the most talked-about way of getting people to read more of your blog. When talking about a particular subject, just link that word, phrase, or sentence to an earlier post you made.

Note that the link should be to the article the reader expects. otherwise; they won’t trust your links later and they will stop clicking on them in future posts.

2. Increase the number of pages each reader reads

How do you do that? By showing readers some of your related posts at the end of your articles.

Most of the top blog platforms have created plug-ins to help bloggers with that but if the platform you use doesn’t offer that, just go ahead and manually highlight them at the end of your post.

This will also help readers not to judge you with your last post only but a number of your work.

3. Write Series

I have only used this once for a sports magazine I write for and it worked wonders. This is one of the best methods to keep people coming back for more information.

Make sure the topic you are writing is unique and is worth coming back for. This best works for original and scarce content that is nowhere on the internet.

The easiest way to gauge the performance of your series is to check your comments.

Whenever people are interested and enjoy your series; they will leave comments and if the same people leave comments, then you know you have faithful readers.

4. Finally, the BEST way to build, keep and increase readership is by providing quality content

Whatever you are blogging about even if it’s just a hobby, let it be original, useful, and interesting to your visitors.

Even though there are millions of blogs talking about the same thing, having an original and interesting post puts you at the top.

There are several other methods that I will post as soon as possible but these four should kick start your campaign of getting more readership to your blog.

Just give these simple tricks a try and you will see visitors turn in to permanent readers.

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