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Sometimes the little things matter the most. It is funny how we at times learn the best lessons by accident.

Last week, I received a message from a fan of a Facebook page I manage. This fan was really not happy. His complain was that we were posting too much on his timeline. We should stop stuffing his homepage.

We usually receive a couple of this kind every month and normally, we ignore. Forget about them. Knowing if someone doesn't like the posts, they could easily unlike the page. This time, I guess I was just in the best of my moods. So I took a minute to write back to the guy.

I told him, “I am sorry to learn that our posts are offending him. It has never been our intention to inconvenience anyone with our posts”.

I explained how Facebook doesn't really show a post to all followers of the page. I also told him that the followers are from different time zones so the numerous posts were to reach more people.

Well… I didn't get a reply from him, but he started liking the posts we put up.

That got me thinking, what if we had written back to all the complaints we received. Maybe the pages would be more engaged.

If you are in business you should know that this will always come. Some people will not be happy with whatever you're doing. Keep in mind that many will complain because of ignorance.

Take time to let them know what you are up to. Take all complaints as an opportunity to communicate and connect with your followers. Once you do that, they'll know you care, and they'll know you are willing to help.

Thanks for reading and have a super day.

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